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RPG is back

I had the pleasure of doing a code review of some RPG code for the AS400 the other day.  That one took me way back in time, I hadn’t seen RPG code since school.  And forgotten most of it, I go looking for some good RPG source, from google to my surprise IBM here in Boulder is the one that came up.

For those who are totally in the dark, here is a sample snippet from a random source.

C                   CLRYY      IFEQ REPYY
C                   CLRMM    COMP REPMM                     11
C   11            CLRMM    COMP FROMM                    12
C   11 12       CLRDD     SUB  REPDD     HOLD
C   11 12       HOLD       COMP 3                         1313
C   11 12 13                  ADD  1            LTFIVE
C                                   END

Nice uh ?  We actually did a final project one semester at school in RPG on the IBM donated AS400.  The AS400 filled a small room downstairs.  That’s how we learned to fight for CPU cycles.  The AS400 was pretty old and slow and the compile queue seemed even longer.  At one time the different groups got into a compile war as groups would pause the job of another while they didn’t pay attention.  Of course that blew up with some shouting and cursing and ended with the teacher putting  a ban on it.  Mind you at the end of the project the wait for your compile was about 30 minutes.  It’s the least stressful project I have been on so far.  The project it self was something about accounting for barrels of Herring for an Icelandic fishing company.