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HelloWorld deploy on Google Application Engine 1.6.4

I have seen a bunch of tutorials on how to deploy on the Google App Engine. Let me tell you my experience as well, no it does not take 5 minutes, it’s more like 15-20 minutes to get HelloWorld app going.

First you need application account, go to the location below, login with your Google account and create your own application

I use Eclipse ( Indigo ), so let’s look at how you install the Google Engine / SDK and plugin from there. The App Engine just got update to version 1.6.4, naturally that’s what we will use.

Help -> Install New Software

Use the Google Eclipse Indigo ( ver 3.7 ) feed

You can skip the Android stuff, just check the other 3 check boxes and start your downloads, you will have to Accept the license etc, it’s self explanatory.

After a few long minutes of downloads Eclipse will ask for a restart to install everything properly and you will be in business.

Create a new project,
File -> New -> Other -> Google -> Web Application Project

This will create a sample Google Application Engine project for you.

Then simply choose the blue (g) icon from the toolbar menu, and choose Deploy to App Engine… You will be asked for account info etc, and you will connect this deployment with the app you created in the beginning. Now watch the Console portion as the info about your deployment are displayed until you get success info. Then you can go to your application URL and see your new project in action. To find the URL you can goto My Applications in the Google app dashboard, it will have links on the right ( instances ) click on the link there and it will take you to your app.

Your URL will be something like

Its worth to mention that Google will host your app for free, as long as you don’t exceed certain resource limits. They actually have generous free limits, you can read more about the limits and what else you can buy in terms of resources here. You can actually host your own domain on the Google App Engine as long as it’s not a naked domain, That is you will be able to host but you will not be able to host That’s really because of security, you can find further reading about that here.

That’s all, happy coding !