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It’s time for daily Linux Mint

I have always run my Linux on a hand me down box. My current computer, the one I’m using daily always runs some flavor of Windows. When I buy a new computer as the old one isn’t fast enough I will take the current one and make it my new Linux box. As such the Linux box is always one generation or more behind. That means old hardware that doesn’t even have good graphics.
It is that time again, I need a new computer soon. As I was thinking about it I was thinking how well my Linux desktop will run on the new hand me down window box after all it’s still pretty powerful. Then I thought, I have been saying to myself for years that I should start running Linux as my daily computer. I never felt it’s quite “there”, but with my latest Linux desktop experience on Mint 10 I really think it’s “there”.
I do also know why I think its really there, there were two problems that bothered me in the past. The graphics and the resolution on the desktop were just not good enough. I could never get it right on Ubuntu, after I switched to Mint it was practically setup for me automatically. Something I had been digging for both from control panel config settings and lower lever configuration on Ubuntu, it just didn’t happen. The second thing is that I’m used to the windows keyboard and the numeric keypad works differently on Linux. Yes they have windows compatible mode as well that you can set and your good to go. Once I had both these things going I have been pretty happy on the Mint desktop, pretty productive as well.
I think the time is really here, I’m getting a new daily computer that’s going to run Linux Mint. I will keep the current / old box around for windows for a while, just in case. However I will be running the windows stuff I might still need in a virtual machine on the Linux box. That should take care of any windows needs I might have. I can’t see many off hand, maybe some graphics and video editing. Open office will take care of the usual documents or google docs might do just fine. Although Mono develop is available I will most likely have to run Visual Studio, Mono is always a little bit behind .Net. The good news is that Eclipse works fine on any platform. Frankly there is not much that I have to run on Windows anymore and Linux is getting to be pretty nice and usable desktop. Linux has of course always been really strong as a server and that won’t change.

Transfer domain name from GoDaddy

It has come to the point where I just can’t take it anymore at GoDaddy.  Their in your face buy this and that and I’m not going to let you register a domain without trying to sell you on 50 other things along the way is just too much.  Whenever you do any business with them you need to take special care clicking your way out of their auto opt-in along the way.  If your not careful you will end up with a basket full of stuff you never wanted.

So let’s take a look at how easy it is to move on, say NameCheap for example, I have been using them for a while.  They actually just do what you would think, they take care of your domains without trying to sell you the world.  You can probably get some extra services from them if you look, I’m not sure.

First goto your new registrar and ask for the transfer of your domain.

Goto the GoDaddy my domains, click on the details for a domain, click on locking and unlock it.

While on the details page, click on [Send by Email] next to the Authorization Code text.  In return you will get an email with the EPP key you will need to authorize the transfer at the new register.

Put in the EPP key at the new registar.

I think thats about it, once those steps are followed your domain should move from GoDaddy to it’s new home.

Microsoft certification

One of our clients at work has it in the agreement with us that we need to be certified. Off I went reading a text book about .net framework. The self paced training kit seems to do the job. It’s sorta like being back in school reading a text book. Most of this stuff you already know but there are a few tidbits that are beneficial that you might not have picket up just by using the framework in the real world.

As my colleague had done before me, I signed up for the Prometric second chance exam ( if you fail you get to take it again without paying more ). I had scheduled my exam on Friday at noon. Because of distractions and work I got somewhat behind. On Thursday I decided that I could use one more day studying. I go to the Prometric web site to reschedule for Saturday, but I couldn’t find my information. I call them on Friday morning to reschedule.

It turns out that they do NOT allow you to reschedule your exam unless you do that at least 24HRS before your exam is supposed to start. Therefor I had to drive into Denver and take the exam, use it or lose it. I passed which makes me MS certified and the client is happy.

Boulder tech meetup, Jan 6

The last tech meetup was good as usual.  The theme was pretty much the Boulder tech scene.  Andrew was there Ignite style.  Then Paul Ohm from CU law presented.  And Gnip and Lijit, that needs no introduction a good small meet, maybe to close to the new year ?

What stood out was the increase in numbers of people looking for a job and at the same time decrease in companies looking for people.  The economy has caught up with tech.

Andrew Hyde presented

Paul Ohm presented Software Regulation Clearinghouse

Eric Marcoullier presented GNIP

Micah Baldwin presented Lijit

New Year

Everybody is posting reflections this time of the year. I guess I’m no exception, I started blogging this year, pretty late in the game. That is everybody have blogs now a days, I have to admit I was resisting it. I have actually been doing my sons blog for 9 years now and waiting for him to take it over. I have noticed how I tend to post code a lot of the time when I’m coding. Maybe helps somebody out at least it’s a good snippet repository for myself.

The last day of the year is a bit special for me, back home we would go to these huge bonfires. Not to forget at midnight in Iceland the sky lights up with fireworks. Everybody and I mean everybody shoots up fireworks, it’s perfectly legal. Here is a picture from tonight

stackOverflow – adds ads

From @codingHorror tweets lately.  You can tell he’s figuring out the best way to include ads on the stackOverflow site.  This one caught my eye 🙂

“Jeff: should there be more ads?” “Jeff: yes! many more!” “Jeff: I like animated ads, with sound!” “Jeff: me too!” “Jeff: ooh, me three!”

And sure enough if you head over there, you will see placeholders emerging.  But wait a minute, didn’t I read from Joel that there wouldn’t be any ads ?  From his post stackOverflow lunched.

I’m extremely excited about Stack Overflow. It’s fast and clean. It costs us practically nothing to operate, so we won’t need to plaster it with punch-the-monkey ads; we plan to keep it free and open to the public forever. And it might make it a little bit easier to be a programmer.

Ah, see how carefully he chooses his words (we plan to keep it free) and no monkey ads.  I guess we are now on plan B.  In all fairness the server those servers ?  are probably churning out a heavy load of bandwidth and that does ad up.

As for the site itself, there is no question the rating system does what it’s supposed to do.  As answers are voted up, or down for that matter.   The system just works.

update -The money from the ads is going to be used mainly to pay the developers of stackOverflow to continue development.  As jeff wrote

And just to be clear — we want the site to be self-sustaining, I don’t want Geoff and Jarrod to continue to work for the crap slave wages I am paying them. They are doing great work and they deserve to earn a decent wage.