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Boulder Java User Group Meet, March 10

I went yesterday to see my friend Eric Wendelin speak about javaFX at the BoulderJUG meeting.   Eric did a great job with a fresh and informative presentation.   Also on tap was Tim Berglund giving a talk about Liquibase and Database Refactoring in general, good job.

Since we are on the topic of java, why not check out the new jQuery talk by young Dmitri.

Boulder tech meetup, March 3

I Went to the Boulder tech meetup on Tuesday as usual a good crowd.  For the the first time there was additional room on the second floor, that is if you care to watch the video feed up on the second floor from the first floor.

There were two companies that looked interesting to me Tendril and eSpor,  check them out.  Auditconfirmations should also have a bright future ahead of them.

The prsenters,

Governor’s Innovation Council pitch to Silicon Valley Presented by Brad Bernthal
AuditConfirmations presented by Dan Zitting and Ben Reubenstein
Tendril presented by Kent Dickson
eSpor presented by Jason Graves presented by Elizabeth Kudner

Boulder tech meetup, Feb 3rd

Another good meetup, however the venue is shrinking. There was no way to get a seat if you were not early on the scene. Going forward there are going to be two meetups each month, one in Denver and one in Boulder so look out for that.

I have to say SDP Engineering has a really impressive product.
It was interesting to hear Brad Felds thoughts on VC money etc. in CO.

Presenters were:
SurveyGizmo Presented by Scott McDaniel
TapTapCards Presented by Tim Hampton
SDP Engineering Presented by Ryan Sullivan
Spyder Lynk Presented by Nicole Skogg & Jane McPherson
Fitwise Training, Inc. Presented by Jennifer Lesea-Ames
Brad Feld talking about Venture Capital in Co.

Boulder tech meetup, Jan 6

The last tech meetup was good as usual.  The theme was pretty much the Boulder tech scene.  Andrew was there Ignite style.  Then Paul Ohm from CU law presented.  And Gnip and Lijit, that needs no introduction a good small meet, maybe to close to the new year ?

What stood out was the increase in numbers of people looking for a job and at the same time decrease in companies looking for people.  The economy has caught up with tech.

Andrew Hyde presented

Paul Ohm presented Software Regulation Clearinghouse

Eric Marcoullier presented GNIP

Micah Baldwin presented Lijit

Ignite Boulder 2

I didn’t make it too the first Ignite Boulder, but made sure I could make it out last night. Although running late as I had to chainsaw down a 11+ foot xMas tree before leaving. On top of that I had no idea where the Atlas building is located on the CU campus. You guessed it google maps to the rescue, ate dinner while driving there and made it just in time.

As expected the night was a lot of fun, Andrew Hyde keeps it lively and fun. Not to forget about Jeremy Tanner aka Penguin, he even threw a shoe at one of the speakers !

The house was packed probably around 200 + 2 dogs, yes that’s allowed in Boulder. Jam packed and everybody in good humor. I didn’t even get a seat, did I mention I was late ? Ignite gave $579 if I saw it correctly to a local charity from contributions, good job. 14 presenters anything from what happens when it snows in Washington DC to social and so on.

Watch the IgniteBoulder website for the videos, they should be posted in the next couple of days.

Boulder tech meetup, Dec 2nd

Went to the Boulder meetup yesterday, it was exciting as usual. With some nifty companies such as Me.dium now gone oneRiot search engine of current trends on the internet. The most interesting talk of the night was the new Yahoo BrowserPlus by Lloyd Hilaiel.

What is it ? “BrowserPlus™ is a technology for web browsers that allows developers to create rich web applications with desktop capabilities”
More development info here One impressive demo that Lloyd showed is motion censor driven. His laptop censors affected the code running in the browser. Pretty nice integration there. Check out the demos.

In hindsight, I should have snagged a T-shirt from him…