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Win house cleaning

I had a little bit of time today so I started those cleaning tasks that you put off forever until it’s finally time to do it, I guess your puter is a bit like your house.  I had installed the MSDN subscription center to get the MSDN content, but it starts automatically and plunks in the tray on startup.   Not by sitting in the startup folder rather in the registry, you have to open up regedit and navigate all the way to win/currentversion/run then delete the key, bad.  Disabling by clicking settings isn’t going to help.

With that out of the way lately when I tried to shutdown the computer it was sometimes unsuccessful because of google chrome updater running.  So let’s take a look, sure enough googleupdate is also in the registry on startup, remove that but then there is a surprise.  They also sneaked in a schedule task, which will run any time your machine is idle and yes it will wake up the google updater, let’s take a look at the description of the task.

Google Update Task keeps your Google software up to date. If Google Update Task is disabled or stopped, your Google software may not be kept up to date, meaning we can’t fix security vulnerabilities that may arise, and features in your Google software may not work. Google Update Task uninstalls itself when there is no Google software using it. It may take a few hours for Google Update to detect it is time to uninstall.

I guess that’s why they leave the updater running after you uninstall google chrome.  Further they have a win service “Google Updater Service” running.  That might be uninstalled by the installer, I did not test for that.

I actually do have another task, which is for the quicktime updater, that only runs at 8:59 on Sunday evenings, maybe google got the idea from Apple ?  I also found an Apple win service Apple Mobile Device.  I do not need that running at all, I don’t even have mobile device.  Description – Provides the interface to Apple mobile devices.

The very first thing you do after a win install is to turn of the auto update so your computer won’t get knocked down by first time upgrades from MS.  If you want to be a tester for MS or any other software by all means keep the auto update ON.  The best rule is not to update software unless you have to or if you actually want to.  Software usually becomes slower and bulkier as a new version comes out because there is more code and more features to be had.  Unless there is a version that focused specifically on speeding things up, which is sometimes the case.

What we need is a control over the updates any decent software used to have that in their preferences / settings and they still do.  When you get leached like that you are likely not to use the software.