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PDC, MS and other stuff

With PDC under way, if your a MS developer you might want to try – Microsoft Pre-release Software Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 Community Technology Preview (CTP).  This CTP release is available in English only as a Virtual PC image, only 75GB of space needed !

Then there is the Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio October 2008 CTP.

And if you want to .Net MVC here it is.  It turns out the MVC idea isn’t that new at least not from Trygve Reenskaugs standpoint, what does he have to say about it ?  It certainly has been brewing on the Java front for some time.  For example Struts or Ruby etc

And if that wasn’t enough, LiveId is going to support OpenId, that’s a good thing.

In other news, I did not know that Tim Berners-Lee invented the World wide web.

Servlet Authenticator problem – part 2

I had a problem at the hosting place with an authenticated http request. Now 5 days later it’s finally solved.  5 days mind you is a long time.  It goes something like this.

1. Send in a support request.

2. Wait until the next day.

3. Get answer from a junior person claiming they don’t understand the problem well enough.

4. Repeat

Until finally a senior person or a “tech” takes a look at the problem and solves it.   In other words 5 emails and 5 days later my problem is finally solved, not good.  Yes my place is cheap and has a nice cPanel were you can do most of the administration yourself.  Setup MySql, subdomains, email forwards etc, but if you need help from support…

Anyway, the java servlet is now running, it will pull up my tweet feed and read it to you on the phone.  You can call it here 720-897-8900 or skype call it +990009369990026351

And on a less happier note, LinuxHaters is closing shop.  I’m thinking about doing a petition, any takers ?

Dmitri does jQuery

I was looking for material on jQuery by John Resig.  When I came up on a jQuery google tech talk by 12 year old Dmitri Gaskin, impressive !  Dmitri contributes on Drupal among other things.

Site moved

I moved my blog ( this site ) from the subdomain to  Next week sometime I will disconnect the subdomain and your old bookmarks will not resolve.  Note the new location and for your RSS feed Why you ask, mostly it’s because of domain and subdomain stats not blending nicely.  It’s also shorter, short is good.

stackOverflow – adds ads

From @codingHorror tweets lately.  You can tell he’s figuring out the best way to include ads on the stackOverflow site.  This one caught my eye 🙂

“Jeff: should there be more ads?” “Jeff: yes! many more!” “Jeff: I like animated ads, with sound!” “Jeff: me too!” “Jeff: ooh, me three!”

And sure enough if you head over there, you will see placeholders emerging.  But wait a minute, didn’t I read from Joel that there wouldn’t be any ads ?  From his post stackOverflow lunched.

I’m extremely excited about Stack Overflow. It’s fast and clean. It costs us practically nothing to operate, so we won’t need to plaster it with punch-the-monkey ads; we plan to keep it free and open to the public forever. And it might make it a little bit easier to be a programmer.

Ah, see how carefully he chooses his words (we plan to keep it free) and no monkey ads.  I guess we are now on plan B.  In all fairness the server those servers ?  are probably churning out a heavy load of bandwidth and that does ad up.

As for the site itself, there is no question the rating system does what it’s supposed to do.  As answers are voted up, or down for that matter.   The system just works.

update -The money from the ads is going to be used mainly to pay the developers of stackOverflow to continue development.  As jeff wrote

And just to be clear — we want the site to be self-sustaining, I don’t want Geoff and Jarrod to continue to work for the crap slave wages I am paying them. They are doing great work and they deserve to earn a decent wage.

Servlet Authenticator problem

I’m having problem at my hosting place with a java servlet.  The servlet hits another website with authenticated http REST request.  This works fine on my local development box.  However when setting the authentication (Authenticator.setDefault) running at the hosted website it blows up.  Like so access denied ( setDefaultAuthenticator) at at at java.lang.SecurityManager.checkPermission( at at

It seems to be permission problem on the server.  The hosting place is using Resin.  I’m going to see what they have to say about it.  They might have to adjust the security policy file for me.