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Transfer domain name from GoDaddy

It has come to the point where I just can’t take it anymore at GoDaddy.  Their in your face buy this and that and I’m not going to let you register a domain without trying to sell you on 50 other things along the way is just too much.  Whenever you do any business with them you need to take special care clicking your way out of their auto opt-in along the way.  If your not careful you will end up with a basket full of stuff you never wanted.

So let’s take a look at how easy it is to move on, say NameCheap for example, I have been using them for a while.  They actually just do what you would think, they take care of your domains without trying to sell you the world.  You can probably get some extra services from them if you look, I’m not sure.

First goto your new registrar and ask for the transfer of your domain.

Goto the GoDaddy my domains, click on the details for a domain, click on locking and unlock it.

While on the details page, click on [Send by Email] next to the Authorization Code text.  In return you will get an email with the EPP key you will need to authorize the transfer at the new register.

Put in the EPP key at the new registar.

I think thats about it, once those steps are followed your domain should move from GoDaddy to it’s new home.

Ignite Boulder 4

I went to the forth Ignite Boulder event last Wednesday.  I was going to wait for some videos to be posted in order to link to them and give you some flavor for the event.  I haven’t seen the videos posted yet, I will have to update this post with the links later on.

Link to the first presentation on tap which was awesome and got the crowd going < LINK>

Link to the Dancing Ninja presentation, see the video

As I was out of the office the day off the tickets going on sale, I had one of my co-workers jump on and request ticket for me.  Sure enough he got in about 1 minute after tickets were on sale.  The tickets sold out in 5 minutes which is probably some kind of a record.  Not to worry though Andrew drew another card from his deck a bigger and better venue which seats 500 people.  Yes it was enough to house the crowd but just barely, it might not be enough next time.  The downside ? they couldn’t serve beer on premises.  But of course they fixed that too, sponsored ( free beer ) was had at the B-Side lounge before the event.  I don’t think the missing beer at the venue really affected anyone, hey they had free popcorn and soda, good enough.  The bigger and bolder  venue worked well I think, it’s not as tight knitted as the smaller one but the atmosphere seemed just as fun loving as at the smaller venue.

The BrightKite wall was an identity on it’s own and distraction at the first part of the presentations until it was rightfully pulled for the second half.  As usual some good fun stuff on the wall, but the heckling became too much.

And guess what Ignite FortCollins #1 coming up soon, are you going ?