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It’s time for daily Linux Mint

I have always run my Linux on a hand me down box. My current computer, the one I’m using daily always runs some flavor of Windows. When I buy a new computer as the old one isn’t fast enough I will take the current one and make it my new Linux box. As such the Linux box is always one generation or more behind. That means old hardware that doesn’t even have good graphics.
It is that time again, I need a new computer soon. As I was thinking about it I was thinking how well my Linux desktop will run on the new hand me down window box after all it’s still pretty powerful. Then I thought, I have been saying to myself for years that I should start running Linux as my daily computer. I never felt it’s quite “there”, but with my latest Linux desktop experience on Mint 10 I really think it’s “there”.
I do also know why I think its really there, there were two problems that bothered me in the past. The graphics and the resolution on the desktop were just not good enough. I could never get it right on Ubuntu, after I switched to Mint it was practically setup for me automatically. Something I had been digging for both from control panel config settings and lower lever configuration on Ubuntu, it just didn’t happen. The second thing is that I’m used to the windows keyboard and the numeric keypad works differently on Linux. Yes they have windows compatible mode as well that you can set and your good to go. Once I had both these things going I have been pretty happy on the Mint desktop, pretty productive as well.
I think the time is really here, I’m getting a new daily computer that’s going to run Linux Mint. I will keep the current / old box around for windows for a while, just in case. However I will be running the windows stuff I might still need in a virtual machine on the Linux box. That should take care of any windows needs I might have. I can’t see many off hand, maybe some graphics and video editing. Open office will take care of the usual documents or google docs might do just fine. Although Mono develop is available I will most likely have to run Visual Studio, Mono is always a little bit behind .Net. The good news is that Eclipse works fine on any platform. Frankly there is not much that I have to run on Windows anymore and Linux is getting to be pretty nice and usable desktop. Linux has of course always been really strong as a server and that won’t change.