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Colorado Give Camp

I did the Colorado Give Camp last weekend, still haven’t cought up on my sleep, who cares right ? This is how it went down, we had 6 charities that wanted tech work done. Mostly build a website or add to an existing one. We had about 30 people that could code, DBAs, etc, didn’t have any UX / graphic designers. It would be great to see some people with that telent show up for the next camp. Things progressed pretty much like what you expect at any given hackathon. The charities presented what their project was about then people joined the group for each. Some chose by what charity they wanted to work with others by what technology was being used for the charity. Then the fun began, simply code from Friday afternoon until Sunday at 1pm. At 1pm present the product and get a pad on the back, some swag doesn’t hurt either. The top prize was $1000 worth of stuff at, too bad I didn’t win it 🙁

I was on a team that used C#, Entitiy Framework, MVC, Razor, MsSql server, Git, TFS and Twitter bootstrap. My first time using MVC and Entity framework on a real project, it was good to get some experience with it. The only thing that didn’t work out so well was the Git repository, after some scratching of heads we turned to TFS. We used TFS ( free for 5 users ) hosted at thanks Microsoft. Using Git requires a different thinking then what your used to working with other repositories. Other than that we got a lot accomplished and the charity has a system they can use going forward instead of using Excel spreadsheets.

Unexpectedly our Congress man Jared Polis stopped by and hung out for a bit, it was good to see him. Here is a group photo including Jared.