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Media Center, No guide listing, Windows Vista

I stopped getting the guide information as so many in 7/2015 on my Windows Vista box. I tried all the tricks found on the Internet, different zip codes etc. to no avail. Finally I installed Windows 7 and the guide listings are back. Media Center is back working as it used to, I can record shows etc. Frustrating experience, but if you are on Vista you might consider getting Windows 7 instead. My Ati Wonder digital card tuner works under Win 7 without the OSFRLoader that was needed under Vista. Next thing to do, install McBuddy.

TFS 2015, Xunit, Nunit, transform to Trx

As TFS vNext currently doesn’t have NoShadowCopy option ( should be coming with the new DNX / 2016 ). I had to modify my new TFS build definition to use xUnit runner to run my tests and then have it output the result file in the optional xunit xml format ( -nunit option ). However true to form TFS 2015 doesn’t understand the Nunit xml format even though they have that as one of their options on the UnitTest results upload vNext task. The next part was to figure out how to transform the Nunit xml to TRX in order for TFS to be able to show the results on the dashboard. Using nxslt3 to transform and NUnitToMSTest.xlst transformation seems to be the way to go. However NUnitToMSTest.xlst doesn’t transform it correctly, at least not to the liking of VS2012, VS2015 or TFS 2015. So I had to modify the xlst slightly and then it will load in VS and the TFS dashboard. Below is the new version of NUnitToMSTest.xlst.

New version