New computer

Actually not a new computer at this point, rather when I was about 12 or 13 years old.  My father went once in a while to England to participate in Kodak seminars that he had to take to be a certified Kodak repair all ills fixit man.  He took care of a lot of different equipment made by Kodak.  Mainly the one hour photo labs, but also a lot of other stuff.  I don’t think that the training in England was really needed, yes maybe in some instances.  I’m sure he wouldn’t have needed some of them and being able to fix whatever came up without a formal training.  The fact is that he liked going to England, because it was a cool place and just a fun to visit.

I had been campaigning for a computer at the time mainly to play video games.  The time came for my fathers next visit to England.  To my surprise he actually came back home with a Texas Instrument TI-99 that had the very first 16bit blazing processor.

The TI had a lot going for it plug in play hardware, voice module, cartridges etc.   I have to admit at first I was a little bit blown off because my friends had the Sinclair which boosted more of the popular games at the time like Decathlon

Which I had been playing at their house as I didn’t even have a computer.  But wait a minute, the TI had plenty of fun games too that I played for extended time.  Thank god for the pause button !  Once I played Parsec for 3-4 hrs without a restart.  I was motivated by some English computer magazine that covered games and people wrote in with their high score.  I also remember WarGames which appeared in the WarGames movie.  The game itself was kinda dull though I didn’t play it much.  The objective was to send nukes and defend nukes in the end everything blew up, end of story.  Which surprisingly leads us to Tom Anderson

You can find TI-99 emulator here it includes some of the games and other apps such as “Home Finance”.

My father said he wanted to get me somthing that wasn’t just a game console, rather a real computer that you could program.  Of course the programming language was Basic. After playing a lot of the games I became tired of them and wanted to do some programming.  I started by writing a game of my own, it was pretty primitive but it was playable.   I would also write some other small programs mostly something that had to do with graphics.  That’s how it started, how I got interested in programming.

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