Syncfusion browser control render problems

We got a bug report from a user about information missing in a namecheck hit that he issued.  And sure enough the screen shot shows only part of the data I would expect to see.  The data it self comes from a TCP/IP based service in XML format.  What the app does is to take the XML and transform it with XLST into HTML that is then displayed to the user in a browser control.   In this instance the layout and the data was too much for the Syncfusion control to handle.  Mind you the version of the control that we are using is from 2005.  At the time the control was not very mature, but I’m sure it is by now.  In other words this would probably not be a problem if I used the latest Syncfusion browser control.

However I’m stuck with the old one, it’s been deployed out there all over the world.  Update of the control and  therefor the application is not an option.  I have to figure out another way.   So I go exercising the html to see if there is something I can change in the Xlst transform to fix the problem.  The strange part is that when I change some of the data like 10 to 12 in one place the data will render better in the control.  Not perfect but better.  I run it through html validator and it’s pretty clean nothing stands out that would indicate why the control has trouble rendering the html.  Further to make it more confusing, the same html layout with different data renders just fine, uhhh.  One more experiment to set border=”1″ on the tables in the html yields correct results.

I’m kinda stuck here, I was almost to the point were I would rewrite the XLST to transform into some easy html without tables and such.  But with that limited html functionality it is hard to make it look pretty at the same time.  Something that the client wants of course.  Then I noticed that the controls horizontal scroll bar is active, hmmm, slide the bar to the right and there you can see the missing data. Obviously the fix has been found, tell the user it’s a feature, no no that was a joke 🙂  Tell the user to slide to the right to see the rest of the data when this happens.  It only happens with certain data anyway so it’s very unlikely to happen in the first place.  Secondly I will throw out the Syncfusion control and put the IE control back in as the IE browser control memory leak bug must be fixed by now.  Sure enough with the IE control in place all the html renders correctly.

However It turns out it’s not that easy, as the IE control has not been fixed.

So what about upgrading the Syncfusion control… let’s check with them I sent the email.

We bought essential suite some time back, I’m wondering if we can get a upgrade to the htmlui control. As it’s rendering some html incorrectly. I’m sure a never version of the control will not have the same limitation ?

Below is our license info.

And the answer came promptly from Syncfusion

Good morning Orn,

As the account manager for our customers in the state of VA, I’m happy to assist.

Adam’s Essential HTMLUI Source subscription expired in 2005, so unfortunately he is not eligible for an upgrade to our latest version. To renew his subscription so that he can gain access to our latest version (along with new releases and support for 1 year), please visit The price is $537 to renew this subscription.

Syncfusion licenses on a per-developer basis, and at this time only Adam Nelson is licensed to use our products (the 2nd license was only for a build machine). If you or any additional developers are using Syncfusion controls, you’ll need to purchase additional licenses at this time, as every developer must have a license. Additional HTMLUI Source licenses are available for $895 each. I can provide you a 10% discount on new licenses purchased by Sept 30th as this is the end of our quarter (online code: disc10).

Please let me know if you have any questions about our licensing. I look forward to receiving your order.


I doubt my client wants to pay for a upgrade on the control.  So I go looking for another alternative, what about a FireFox control which was not ready in 2005 ?  Sure enough the Mozilla browser control is available and  it’s FREE.  The Mozilla control might not get approved by the client, at least there are options.


  1. Adam says:

    Wow, I remember squinting at HTML and munging XSLT to get that goddamned Syncfusion abomination to work the first time. To think those bastards have the gall to come back with their hand out just to get the bits that actually work is maddening but not surprising.

    If it helps you can tell them I want the upgrade, though you’ll have to explain how it is I don’t have a email address anymore.

    I’m also horrified to learn the WebBrowser control still leaks in .NET 2.0. Unbefuckinglievable.

    Good luck w/ the Firefox control. That was a non-starter back in ’05, but maybe it works now. On the other hand, you could always dust off the XML-to-RTF XSLT jiggery-pokery I came up with for the original ACS+ namecheck impl…

  2. orn says:

    I did actually ask them
    We are not doing any new development with the browser control so there
    is no worry there. But let’s say Adam quits the company, how would I
    transfer the license to another developer ?

    And I got the answer back
    Hello Orn,

    We allow up to 2 license transfers per year, provided the subscription
    is kept active. Once you renew the subscription, it will be eligible
    for transfer if necessary. Thanks!


  3. orn says:

    The communication just keeps coming….

    —–Original Message—–
    From: YYYYY
    Sent: Friday, September 26, 2008 2:27 PM
    To: ‘Kristjansson, Orn’
    Subject: RE: Essential HtmlUi control

    Hi Orn,

    Just wanted to follow up on our emails from earlier this week. Are you
    interested in renewing that subscription and/or purchasing licenses for
    new developers?


    And then

    —–Original Message—–
    Sent: Thu 10/2/2008 2:22 PM
    To: Kristjansson, Orn
    Subject: RE: Essential HtmlUi control

    Hi Orn,

    What are your thoughts regarding the renewal?

    Any reply would be appreciated.


  4. sg says:

    Had a similar issue with syncfusion html ui control – setting the width attribute for LI tags fixed it, and all the text displays correctly now (no need to scroll to the right). Let me know if you want sample code/details…

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