New rig, build results

I saw a tweet from Scott Hanselman on his new rig and he has a blog post about it. Then I realized I hadn’t posted about my new rig that I built in January. I wanted something fast for development and also for video editing. I went with Linux Mint as I have been running Mint happily on my home computers for a few years now. I chose to go unconventionally with an older server motherboard and some older components that fit. The Motherboard is a Supermicro and holds a paired Intel Xeon E5-26780 server processors, they have 10 cores each. That gives me 40 threads. 16GB of DDR3 memory and a Pro SATA III SSD. I re-used the graphics card from my old rig, I use xBox for gaming anyway. The total was about $1500, bought from Newegg and Ebay.

Let’s take a look at the numbers,

The machine Scott is building ( before over-clocking )
– Warm build just under 10 seconds.
– Cold build takes 33.3 seconds.

My desktop server
– Warm build takes 16.16 seconds.
– Warm build with -no-restore takes 9.35 seconds
– Cold build takes 27.2 seconds

Interestingly my cold build is faster, maybe because of more threads ? Warm is a lot slower on my rig. Nice to see .net use all the available threads during the build. Do your own build see what your rig can do, maybe it’s time for a new one ?

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