Your doomed, your all doomed !

At the university we had C++ class although we were in the lab the teacher would lecture good amount of the time.   Then he let us on the computers.  For some reason we didn’t care too much for this particular teacher and sometimes he was hard to follow.  We started playing Doom on the computers while he lectured.  Your computer screen would be off as he moved slowly your way in the room as he liked to walk around talking.  As soon as he turned his back your computer screen would turn back on, full of Doom action.  This one time the teacher was close so I was paying attention.  Make no mistake one of the guys in the class shouted out “You killed me you bastard!”  Needless to say as the teacher was really close he saw right away what was going on.  Somehow my computer quickly turned off at this point.  Now the lecture changed into something else than just C++ and algorithms from Bjarne Stroustrup there was some shouting and cursing too.  That of course was the last time we played Doom in the lab, unless it was after hours.

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