Old java project, part I

I spent a few hours on the weekend dusting off an old VoiceXML API project.  It was written in Java, according to the file stamps I haven’t touched it since 2001.  I believe we ran under java 1.2 or 1.3 at the time.  I’m interested to know if it will work under 1.5.  Which is the one I have installed.   The project is java server based, loaded Tomcat to see what happens.  As expected nothing works on first try, Error: 500 – Internal Servlet Error. Hmm, not much help from the stack trace javax.servlet.ServletException: qIVR Error. The internal qIVR System Loader has failed. Then I look at the Tomcat trace, that’s better.

qIVR Error. License check failed.
qIVR version 1.4.4
***qIVR Error. Configuration error. The Network address specified in the License file does not match the current environment. Please check the qIVR configuration, and/or contact qIVR support.

Except I forgot how to generate a license…  Neither did I remember that I had an old copy of the website running on the Tomcat server, sure enough we used to allow users to generate their own evaluation license.

Now with license in hand, let’s see what happens.  Sure enough it works this time around, nice.

RingServlet:  qIVR will use this logfile: qivr.log
RingServlet:  qIVR has detected a new request for application: HelloWorld and Voice network: Tellme
RingServlet:  qIVR will use this base URL: /qivr/
com.qivr.sample.HelloWorld@18f1d7e Start tracing
com.qivr.sample.HelloWorld@18f1d7e main:
com.qivr.sample.HelloWorld@18f1d7e speak: Hello World
RingServlet:  qIVR session started

For part 2, I’m going to see how it compiles under Java 1.5, I was not expecting it to compile under 1.5 from untouched source.  Since it works on old version of Tomcat under 1.5 then logically it should compile under 1.5 ?  We will find out on the linux box with Eclipse and a new Tomcat.  Then there is another interesting part.  How well will it work against the voiceXml hosting places.  They have for sure evolved since 2001, are those even around today ?

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