How bad is Comcast ?

Bad enough if you ask me, this one is an old one, I’m sure we will hear more about it though.  What even gives Comcast the nerves to limit the service that I already payed for.  Shame on you Comcast blocking traffic.

And then the FCC just told Comcast to stop this business… uh, what, no fine, no nothing.  They knew exactly what they were doing and the FCC just does a slap on the wrist.  On a 3 to 2 vote, what ?  What about those people that pay full price to access the internet.  They couldn’t since comcast didn’t allow them to access what they wanted, this is a bad deal all around.  Not even a discount to the subscriber.

This doesn’t affect me at this point as I do not use torrent, bittorrent peer to peer stuff.  However if Comcast was actually able to block that traffic then what’s next, and so forth.  Next you know your not getting anywhere on the Internet unless Comcast has it on their approved list….  In the meantime my stuff seems to work fine.  Although sometimes I have reservation about my Vonage traffic as Comcast offers Voip phone service as well.  It goes without saying, Vonage has lower price tag and much better service.

Comcast has capped the transfer at 250 GB limit a month.  Not that I could fill that, still they don’t fully deliver.

Comcast if you don’t clean up your act, I will come over carrying a hammer.

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