My alarm clock

I figured it out the other day that I had stopped using the alarm clock.  I just got used to waking up after a good night sleep.  Then I had to take my son to 6.45AM ! hockey practice, in that case the alarm is man’s best friend.

I got this one in New York, in one of those electronic stores around Times Squire.  The sticker price was $22.50, I went deep in my pocket and came out with $15.  That’s all I got I exclaimed and started walking out.  But the clerk said to my astonishment.  That’s ok take it, $15 is good.  That was a nice bargain, I thought.  I still have it today 10+ years later.  Although the snooze button doesn’t work anymore.  The snooze is a scam anyway,  if the alarm goes off get up.

Here is the last clock that I bought, not that I really needed one.  I just though the binary clock was pretty cool.

I spent some time surfing tonight, here are some thoughts / links.

You heard about Chrome, right ?  Sorry, Chrome is long dead.

And what does the TCP header really look like.

Oz just got bought, I used to work at Oz before leaving for New York.

Walk down microsoft Windows memory lane

Message Computer in a bottle.

Cheers !

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