Old java project, part 2

I took the old java project from previous post loaded under Eclipse and compiled.   Only got one error, that was broken code anyway.  With that one line commented out I got 429 warnings but no errors, nice.

Started setting up a test configuration at a voice network.   VoiceGenie has been bought by Genesys.  They didn’t have a clear link to the dev section or maybe I just didn’t see it later found it here.  For some reason Tellme does not allow google email address or any free service address, can’t use that.  Voxeo had a clear dev section and got me signed up in a matter of minutes.

I mounted a test application “HelloWorld” of course what else ?   It worked fine out of the box.  Then to try something more daring.   Dusted off an old application “Blackjack”, that ran fine out of the box too.   I’m really surprised pleased to see that an VoiceXml application written in 2001.   Using our java Api ( qIVR ) also from 2001 runs on the current voice network.  That is without changing a single line of code.

If your so inclined you can call the Blackjack application by dialing (720) 897-8933.  If you prefer skype you can use +99000936 9991261498   Maybe you can win a few bucks 🙂  I have to say being able to use skype to call / test the voice apps is a big plus.

How does it work ? The voice network, Voxeo in this instance takes the phone call.   Then it will go to the URL that your application is located at.   It fetches the voiceXml, then It interacts with the user on the phone as instructed by the voiceXml code you give it.  A simple HelloWorld looks something like this.

<vxml version="2.0" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2001/vxml">
        Hello world!

A lot of times apps are served up as static pages.  If your application is more than a handful of pages it becomes hard to handle and maintain.   And that’s exactly why we developed the qIVR “quiver” voiceXml java Api.   qIVR allows you to handle the phone conversation in java code by using java objects.  Without even having to learn voiceXml.   Here is HelloWorld again, qIVR style.

pCall.speak( pCall.factory().qivrPrompt(” Hello world “) );

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