stackOverflow – adds ads

From @codingHorror tweets lately.  You can tell he’s figuring out the best way to include ads on the stackOverflow site.  This one caught my eye 🙂

“Jeff: should there be more ads?” “Jeff: yes! many more!” “Jeff: I like animated ads, with sound!” “Jeff: me too!” “Jeff: ooh, me three!”

And sure enough if you head over there, you will see placeholders emerging.  But wait a minute, didn’t I read from Joel that there wouldn’t be any ads ?  From his post stackOverflow lunched.

I’m extremely excited about Stack Overflow. It’s fast and clean. It costs us practically nothing to operate, so we won’t need to plaster it with punch-the-monkey ads; we plan to keep it free and open to the public forever. And it might make it a little bit easier to be a programmer.

Ah, see how carefully he chooses his words (we plan to keep it free) and no monkey ads.  I guess we are now on plan B.  In all fairness the server those servers ?  are probably churning out a heavy load of bandwidth and that does ad up.

As for the site itself, there is no question the rating system does what it’s supposed to do.  As answers are voted up, or down for that matter.   The system just works.

update -The money from the ads is going to be used mainly to pay the developers of stackOverflow to continue development.  As jeff wrote

And just to be clear — we want the site to be self-sustaining, I don’t want Geoff and Jarrod to continue to work for the crap slave wages I am paying them. They are doing great work and they deserve to earn a decent wage.

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