Microsoft certification

One of our clients at work has it in the agreement with us that we need to be certified. Off I went reading a text book about .net framework. The self paced training kit seems to do the job. It’s sorta like being back in school reading a text book. Most of this stuff you already know but there are a few tidbits that are beneficial that you might not have picket up just by using the framework in the real world.

As my colleague had done before me, I signed up for the Prometric second chance exam ( if you fail you get to take it again without paying more ). I had scheduled my exam on Friday at noon. Because of distractions and work I got somewhat behind. On Thursday I decided that I could use one more day studying. I go to the Prometric web site to reschedule for Saturday, but I couldn’t find my information. I call them on Friday morning to reschedule.

It turns out that they do NOT allow you to reschedule your exam unless you do that at least 24HRS before your exam is supposed to start. Therefor I had to drive into Denver and take the exam, use it or lose it. I passed which makes me MS certified and the client is happy.

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  1. Sean says:

    Congrats Orn! I had no doubts that you would pass! You da man!

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