Ignite Boulder 5

Went to Ignite Boulder 5 the other day this time I took my wife with me as she was intrigued by some of the stories I have told her of the event. She had a good time although some of the presentations were a bit geeky for her taste, overall rating of a good time.

The event was held at the Boulder Theater, a great venue, the lower level was packet full and had a good vibe to it. I didn’t check the upstairs myself but they seemed to be having a good time there as well.

Two bands played afterward, at that point after 14 presentations people were pretty much done and heading home or out for dinner.

Here are sample videos of the presentations.
Igknights of the Round Table
Find Your Community. Or Build It.
The Napa Valley of Beer

And read what kind of software it takes to be the first man on the Moon.

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