Team Foundation Server, msbuild unittest code coverage

If you are like me and wonder how much coverage your unittests have you can add coverage to your Team Foundation Server builds and see for yourself.

Note, I have only tried this using VS2008

First right click /Solution items in your solution explorer Add new item, choose Test run Configuration, let’s name it CodeCoverage.testrunconfig

Choose Code coverage on the left and choose the dll’s you want covered, save and check it in.

In your build.proj file find the first PropertyGroup, at the end of it add the line about the config file. You will need this in order for MsBuild to find the configuration. Then it will look similar to the xml below. Note the path, in my case I had to add \MYPROJECT to the mix as that’s where my source gets checked out on the build machine. You can see where that is on the server or check the build log and look at what directory the file is checked out to.

    …. snip

The coverage numbers will show up in the Unittest section of the build report. It is of course important to remember a well covered code does NOT mean that your unittests are any good. Most likely they are but the coverage number just means how much of the code was touched during the unittest run.

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