TeamCity update to version 4.5.5

I Just updated our TeamCity environment to version 4.5.5 today, we were running 3.1 before. I had resisted an update as I always do because things just break when you update software. Since we are having some network issues it was a perfect time to take the plunge. That is after we discovered that TC 4.5+ can use Team Foundation Server repository. As the MsBuild just is not mature enough yet and there are weird quirks all around we are going to use combo TC and TFS setup for a new project we just started. Mainly running the build using nant and nunit of course.
Back to the update, I took a backup of the TC server directory just in case. Then fired up the install, the install recognized the old version and offered to get rid of it for me. The install ran fairly quickly and picked up all the configurations from the last install. After the server was up the build agents got pushed to the new version and came online in a matter of couple of minutes, now that is sweet. No manual installs on the build agent machines, its auto ! Then I just kicked off a build and everything was business as usual, it can’t get any better than this.

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