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Boulder tech meetup, Jan 6

The last tech meetup was good as usual.  The theme was pretty much the Boulder tech scene.  Andrew was there Ignite style.  Then Paul Ohm from CU law presented.  And Gnip and Lijit, that needs no introduction a good small meet, maybe to close to the new year ?

What stood out was the increase in numbers of people looking for a job and at the same time decrease in companies looking for people.  The economy has caught up with tech.

Andrew Hyde presented

Paul Ohm presented Software Regulation Clearinghouse

Eric Marcoullier presented GNIP

Micah Baldwin presented Lijit

Technology Meetup, Oct 7th

I checked out The Boulder Denver New Technology Meetup meeting tonight.  There were a few presenters listed below, check them out.  All of the companies were showing off their stuff and seeking interest from investors, except for Mark Soane of course.  The event turned out to be pretty good and had a good vibe.  I have to say the atmosphere here in Boulder for these type of networking events is a bit more relaxed than it was in New York.

Chalk2Me – A communication tool that allows organizers to instantly send a single message to a large group of users via phone, text, email, IM or social network

uMapper – A web-based map authoring tool

IOUNote – An innovative Web-based tracking and management system for interpersonal loans.

Contxts A new way to quickly exchange contact info via SMS.

Appian Ventures – Mark Soane Managing Director of Appian Ventures is going to talk about how the current financial crisis might effect the Boulder Denver Venture Market.