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Tweet trends

I just played with the Twitter api / links to get to know it.  Took their trend feed which is a json stream.  The stream includes names of the trends and it’s URL.   After the json info is imported the next thing is to hit the RSS / Xml feed for each topic.  Load it into entry objects including authors and spit out the ones that include links, up to the last three per category.  As that’s what gives you the best bang for the buck checking on Tweet trends.  You can take a look at it here.  The feed it self is live and updates real time, but you have to refresh the page to get the latest.  Thanks to @johnadepue for his input.

Then I went on Twitter Grader for fun.  It turns out I’m in negative territory.  My ranking shows up as “57,255 Overall rank, out of 56,047“  Althought I only been a few days on Twitter that doesn’t feel right.   I’m graded a bit less than the whole Twitter population.  How is that for a math problem.

Twitt it

I started Twitter-ing today, as an experiment.  I will let you know how it goes.  I have heard some people just don’t get it or maybe they just don’t like it.  You can actually find out trends and what’s happening in your neck of the woods with a twitter search.  Take my city for example Twitt in / about Boulder, you can search on whatever you like.  It’s real time and pretty cool if you ask me.

I threw away my cell phone a few years back.  But recently got a hand me down from my wife.  It’s a old one that can text message.  I was surprised when I saw that I could use it with Twitter.  It’s prepaid service as I don’t use it much.  In the meantime my wife is cruising on the iPhone.

I think I figured out a killer app Twitter related.  If it turns out any good I will let you know.

And in the news today, a big win for the Ubuntu distro on the server side, way to go !